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Questions and answers about tours and policies.

Q. Is this for real? can we really see and touch a manatee?

A. Yes, this is very real, this is a wild encounter. As for touching the manatee, well we allow them to interact with us, that’s the best way. We guarantee you we will see a manatee.

Q. What do we need to bring?

A. In the summer months a towel, swim suit and maybe shirt to wear after your done swimming. In the winter months bring a jacket, hoodie and some sweat pants.

Q. What do you provide for us?

A. We bring water to drink in the summer time, in the winter, we provide hot drinks (Coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider and hot tea)

Q. Where is this amazing encounter?

A. We are just a short drive from the Tampa and Orlando area. It's different than the theme parks.

Q. Are there age restrictions?

A. No, any body can do this, all ages welcome. This is very easy, you just float on the surface and relax.

Q. Are their big waves?

A. No, this swim with the manatee program is usually behind the residents homes, all in fresh shallow waters.

Q. What kind of boats do you use?

A. We use Coast Guard inspected pontoon boats. These boats are rated for up to 12 passengers but we only allow 6 passengers for your comfort and the manatees protection. If you have more than six in your party, just call and we can make arrangements for your larger group to be swimming together.

Q. Can we take pictures?

A. Absolutely, we encourage you to bring your cameras. In fact if you don't have a camera we can rent you a nice underwater digital camera and you can use your own SD memory card.

Q. How cold is it in the winter time?

A. Funny you should ask, it does get a little chilly but the water is 72 degrees year round. Sometimes in the winter the water feels like a luke warm bath.

Q. What other wildlife might we see?

A. We have a chance to see tons of other wildlife such as; Dolphins, American Bald Eagles, River Otters, Ospreys, and even a Manatee or two.

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