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Cancellation Policy
We allow 24 hrs for your cancellation, after you reserve on our website or by phone you have 24 hrs to cancel without penalty. When making a reservation by phone or E mail, we allow you 24 hrs to process your payment using your booking number. Please understand that we have many people that travel to us for this wonderful encounter and seats are limited. Booking on line without a reservation number from us could take 30 - 180 days of an over booking refund. However our on line booking system works very well. If you cancel with in the 24 hrs, you will not be charged. If you make a reservation and cancel past the 24 hrs and we can sell your seats, then you will get 100% back of your booking price. There will be no refund or rain check if you cancel within 24 hours of your tour, unless we can sell your seats to a last minute booking. Canceling outside of your 24 hour reservation window and canceling before the 24 hours of your tour you will receive a rain check that will not expire until you use it. If snorkeling with manatees cancels your tour do to in-climate weather or boat issues then you will receive a full refund and or rain check, that will be your choice. We do understand some situations. As a valued customer you agree and accept to the terms and conditions of this said policy by supplying us with your Credit Card information or by making your on line reservations.

Manatees Guaranteed
We have a rain check policy that if you do not see any manatees during your tour, we will give you a rain check to come back for free, based on availability. Homosassa Manatee Snorkeling Center and our crew really works very hard to accommodate your tour, feel free to ask any questions we have not answered for you and your family. By receiving your reservation number and placing it in your check out box, or giving us you credit card information over the phone for your reservations. You accept our terms and policies of cancellations and no-shows. Please note, we are not here to keep your hard earned money, but we do have guide lines to go by so that all of our guest get this amazing opportunity to enjoy the manatees...

How to redeem your RAIN CHECKS. If we do not see any manatees you will be given a rain check that never expires, this does not include the manatees behavior when we find them. The encounter is up to the Manatees. First, you will need to remember your tour date and time, your rain check will be noted on your reservation. Second, your rain check can NOT be redeemed until 30 days after your original tour date. The reason for this policy is , if we are having a bad week or 2 weeks, then the same situation can happen again. This policy is for your benefit. Rain check are not valid on or during holidays, such as week of, Thanks Giving, Christmas and or the week of New Years. Rain checks are non-transferable, must be original passengers-few acceptations may apply. If by chance you think our rain check policy is a scam, then you are wrong. We DON'T have to offer you anything, this is a wild manatee and NEVER no guarantee. But we are SO good at what we do that if we dont SEE a manatee, that is because they are not here. WE are the only company in Citrus County out of 30, that cares to give you a rain check. Please if you have received a rain check, USE IT.... Thank you for supporting the Manatee program.

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